Focus Group Research – What Emotions Do You Feel?

Because I wanted my final project to deal with emotions and the different emotions that society feels, I decided to run my own focus group to gain my research and data rather than rely on secondary articles which could not give me the reliable realism that I wanted for my own images.

I held my focus group with three boys and three girls so that it was a fair match for each gender, relying on their difference to help bring together a broader range of emotions that they may have experienced.

I asked each of them to ‘think outside of the box’ as I did not want the usual mundane emotions that we reguarly hear about such as happiness, sadness and anger but instead deeper emotions that they may not be confident to admit in everyday circumstances.

I wanted these deep and raw emotions as I didn’t want my images to be superficial and just focus on the obvious emotions that can be seen in everyday circumstances. This is why I have decided to shoot objects rather than people in my images as it will take away from the people feeling the emotion and instead focus on what causes the emotions, how they feel when they are experiencing the emotions and also what happens when they are feeling these certain emotions.

After speaking to the focus group, I was able to shortlist five feelings which seemed to be re-occurring among the group.

These feelings and emotions were:

– Feeling lonely

The focus group said that feeling lonely was not an emotion that they happily shared with society; however was an emotion that they felt on a regular basis.

-Feeling alive

This emotion was an emotion they said was brought on when surrounded by positive things such as sunny weather, nature and good friends. All of these things are positive attributes to emotional welfare.

-Feeling insecure

This was an emotion that came from the girls mostly. They said that feeling insecure was an emotion they reguarly felt and had to deal with on an everyday circumstance. I then asked them what they do to prevent this emotion and majority of the results ended in saying that make up was used to help with the insecurities. 

-Feeling regret

The emotion of regret is one of the unexpected emotions to come up during the focus group. The group said that they would feel regret over the smallest of things, with girls regretting food binging and boys regretting the way they treat the people around them,

-Feeling in love

All of the focus group said that they all have the emotion of being in love, whether it is with a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone else entirely. This was a positive emotion that I wanted to include as it was one that I believe a lot of audience will be able to relate too.


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